April 13-15, 2018
Big Cedar Lodge

About the Conference

You Are Chosen!

It’s all about YOU! That’s right. This is the Women’s Conference you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve assembled 6 phenomenal coaches, speakers, and trainers for 2 days at beautiful Big Cedar Lodge to celebrate you!

This exciting, interactive, fun-filled conference gives you personal access to six top coaches for two days who will focus on you – your journey, your strengths, your unique personality, your health and wellness – your purpose.

We wear a variety of hats and answer to a lot a titles; CEO, Boss, Mom, Friend, Aunt, Employee, Volunteer…. and so much more. This conference will refuel and recharge you. These coaches, speakers and trainers are sought after nationally and internationally and for 2 days, they’re all yours.

We all share a desire to have, do, or be ______. Each one of us hold a dream to be a better _____. Or, finish our dream to ___________. We want to fulfill our purpose of __________. We want to maintain ___________. We want to know more about ___________. You fill in the blanks, and we’ll help you map the journey. Leave the obligations, business suits, high heels, and list of to-do’s at home, and join us at beautiful Big Cedar Lodge.

Together, let’s celebrate you! #Chosen


The You Are Chosen conference will be hosted at Big Cedar Lodge.

Address: 190 Top of the Rock Road, Ridgedale, MO 65739

Phone: (417) 335-2777

Meet Our Speakers

Deb Bolinger is an inspirational life coach and has a legacy of helping others through their life journey. Deb is a natural encourager with incredible insight that will unlock your passion and purpose. Deb will guide participants through exercises to identify your dreams, remove roadblocks and help you clear the pathway to your life purpose.

Megan Anderson is a professional coach, trainer, and certified Human Behavior Consultant. Her work with teams and individuals stems from an intense passion to add value to people. Megan brings the DISC assessment to life. You’ll find yourself challenged and engaged in a process designed to facilitate a deeper awareness of self. This journey of discovery will allow you to look within, engage your unique personality and leverage your strengths to reach your goals, even the ones that scare you.
Dr. Rhonda Ellis is an Executive Coach and focuses on the wellness of the whole person. In addition, Rhonda is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team.  She will provide an overall wellness assessment and some tips on living with a strong mind, body, and spirit.  She will lead some hikes in the mornings and some yoga during the breaks for those who want to participate
Cassidy Hodges is a dynamic certified Gallup Strengths Finder coach who is passionate about helping people turn talents into unique strengths that produce consistent results. After completing a pre-assessment, this session will help you build self-awareness and how to apply and strengthen those unique talents at work, at home, and in your community. Cassidy believes that our greatest chance for success, is not through becoming well rounded, but by recognizing, claiming, and applying our God given talents.
Julie Gorman is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. She writes, produces, and hosts a weekly Married For A Purpose Broadcast with her husband Greg. Julie’s transparent story telling is sought after both nationally and internationally. Julie has been sharing messages of hope and healing, for almost 30 years and has been featured on National Syndicated Radio and TV Outlets. Julie’s message… “You Are Created on Purpose, For a Purpose… Take these 3 Steps to Live it!”
Teresa Ray will be the Emcee for this incredible conference. She is a Certified Professional Executive Coach, public speaker and founding member of the John Maxwell Team. She is a co-author of the Leadership Book “Ready, Aim, Excel” and is an advocate for emotionally intelligent leaders who strive to build high performing teams, energizing work climates, and effective communication.